Borehamwood and ‘The Good Life’

Our ongoing work at UCL on a food basket project based in Borehamwood has led me to revisit a podcast of an interview with Professor Laurie Taylor on 22nd September 2004 (see link to download recording below).

The recording coincided with ‘The Good Life’ launch conference of the Centre for Suburban Studies at Kingston University and Professor Taylor travelled down on the Thameslink line to hear how Borehamwood serves as an interesting example of sustainable suburbia. Despite it having gone through some considerable change in the past nine years, the statement made in the article published soon after the programme seems to still hold true: Borehamwood’s street layout has “allowed it to grow whilst maintaining its original spatial pattern as a village and subsequently as a suburban town… [it] accommodates the various populations of the town – people living and working locally; people living there and commuting to work elsewhere and people coming into the area to work.”

2013-06-11 09.50.01


Author: (sub)urbanite

Professor of Urban Form and Society and Director of the Space Syntax Lab, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. Online in a personal capacity.

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