Thinking Allowed: Suburbia (a blast from the past)

On 22nd September 2004, Professor Laurie Taylor travelled down the Thameslink line to hear how Borehamwood serves as an interesting example of sustainable suburbia. The episode of “Thinking Allowed” can now be heard on this link:

In my interview with Professor Taylor I said that Borehamwood is an example of a successful suburb because it is closely linked to its high street, contradicting the idea that suburbs are anonymous. Loneliness and isolation are much less likely when the town centre is full of people from all walks of life. Suburbia as a way of life is desirable when the potential for connecting with a community is enabled by the way the area is laid out, and at the same time you are never that far from links outside of the area, whether into London, to neighbouring areas, or indeed into towns and countryside outside of London.

My latest publication on suburbs is “Suburban Urbanities”, published by UCL Press. The book can be downloaded for free from the above link (and is also available to purchase).

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